Alpha Omega Science Club hosts Organ Donor Drive

Madison Andrews, Editor

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This week, I had the privilege to speak with Anne Green, President of the Alpha Omega Science Club on Co-Lin’s Wesson Campus. Anne and other Alpha Omega Science officers gave Copiah-Lincoln Community College a great opportunity to hold a organ donor drive in front of the cafeteria. Alpha Omega Officers, Kelsey Lindsay, and Advisers: Anita Cliburn, Angela Smith, and Shelby Chipley participated in the recent organ donor drive. This gave numerous students on campus the right to not only become more knowledgeable about being an organ donor, but also giving them the chance to save lives.

When asking Ms. Green about the purpose and prestige of having an organ donor drive on campus, she stated, “This is not only to register prospective organ donors, but to educate students on Co-Lin’s Wesson campus about the steps of becoming an organ donor, since there are several that know very little about the advantages of being an organ donor.”

The Alpha Omega Science Club has a central focus on doing organ donor drives, and that is to help students become more involved on campus and to remind students that this is for a great cause.

When talking with Anne, I asked why should students at Co-Lin should become organ donors. Her response was, “It is a great honor and privilege to say that you are an organ donor. Encourage those who are willing to become an organ donor. My word of advice would be to talk to your family first to see if this is something you really want to do.” And also added, “125,000 men, women and children, are waiting on organ transplants. An average of 22 everyday people die waiting on transplants. Also, every 10 minutes, a new person is added to the transplant list.” Help people get a second chance at life. Being an organ donor can provide a better quality of life for individuals who struggle each day.

The first organ donor drive that Alpha Omega Science Club had was February 8th, 2017. But don’t panic, you still have time to become an organ donor! There will be another organ donor drive on Co-Lin Wesson Campus this Wednesday, March 1st, 2017, hosted by the Alpha Omega Science Club. They are also planning on two more organ donor drives in the near future.


For more contact information:

Come to the Alpha Omega Science Club organ donor drive Wednesday


Go to the DMV to get registered to be an organ donor,, and for a five minute process on how to become an organ donor with a mailed official organ donor identification card.


The Alpha Omega Science Club would also like to give a huge thank you to the Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency for helping them get the organ donor drive together and for making it happen!



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