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Rainee Luper, News Writer

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“Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people,” said Ronald Reagan. The Copiah- Lincoln Wesson campus has a chapter of College Republicans where students can place themselves in settings for pathways for greater futures can be built in the political world. The advisor for the Copiah-Lincoln chapter is Angela Smith, and the president is Madison Andrews. Kelsi Baldwin, an active member of College Republicans states, “To me, the sole purpose is to get students more involved in what is happening in the political world today and informing them on current news and knowledge whether democrat or republican.”

Some campus activities the College Republicans have completed on campus include:  a book drive where the books where given to Hazlehurst elementary and voters registration. Also, they passed out Valentine’s cards to students across campus on Valentine’s Day and have been actively involved in political campaigns around Brookhaven, MS. Several active members recently attended a College Republicans conference at the Mississippi Republican Party Headquarters in Jackson, MS, to discuss upcoming events among College Republican chapters on college campuses in the state of Mississippi. At this event, Senator Sally Doty spoke on many political agendas and the current session the House and Senate were finishing.

The state Mississippi Convention is coming up soon on April 22, 2017, and will be held in Jackson, MS at the MSGOP Headquarters where several political figures will speak on upcoming agendas for the College Republican chapters. We hope to motivate our peers to become involved with the political world and political agendas of our government. Our generation is the future of this country and our democracy.

How do we get funding, you ask? At the moment we have no funding, but we plan on making many connections in the political world to raise contribution for our chapter. Specifically, we hope to raise a large portion through individuals in the political world such as state representatives and senators. We hope to pave roads into our political futures through the connections we make during our involvement with College Republicans.

When asked to describe the Copiah-Lincoln chapter of College Republicans in one sentence, Kelsi Baldwin replies, “Individually, we are all strong willed people but we have lacked the motivation and funding to impact our community and take our chapter to the next level.” Often college students take a step back when it comes to their opinion in the political world, but they should not. It is understood when you turn 18 you are officially introduced to political agenda and issues, but often citizens, college students, lack an education on political agendas. I asked What do you hope to see in the future of College Republicans, Kelsi states, “I hope to see more recruits and see more people understanding we are available to them. The funds we need. We hope to see individuals grow in the political world and it is for me and you. You are tied into the political world whether we choose or not. We need to learn the importance of exercising our rights to vote and understand we have a voice. Politics do effect you, even as a college student!”

College students need to realize many things are controlled by the power of the people and political representatives. The entire point of electing officials for these positions is so they can relay our thoughts, ideas, and values on a larger political scale to affect our government and keep control within our democracy. Some examples of government controlled agendas that effect college students are financial aid, oral contraceptives, age of marriage, age of buying alcohol, and even conviction times. All of these issues effect the younger generation, yet they are completely withdrawn from expressing their opinion and making a difference within the political world. Within the next year, we hope to reach out to our peers and encourage them to exercise their right to political agendas.


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College Republicans