Will The Wolves Have What It Takes This Year?

Libby Adams, Writer

The Co-Lin Wolves prepare to take on the Trojans this week. As the No. 18 team, we take a look at what the preseason is looking like. The Wolves have spent a number of hours on the practice field and in the weight room preparing for this season. All of the players have one thing on their mind: A MACJC title. This year, will their dream come true?

The Wolves finished the 2016 season with a record of 6 wins and 3 losses. These losses were against Northwest Mississippi, Mississippi Gulf Coast, and Garden City. With the offense full of power and the offensive/defensive lines even better than last year, they have the ability to push past these teams this year.

Both sides of the ball have key players that should really make an impact on the team this year. Starting with the offense, we have Woody Barrett. This 6’3, 230 pound, Auburn University transfer, red-shirt freshman is just what we need. He cannot only pass the ball, but also has the ability to run the ball. Competing for his position is Hayden Davis. Davis is a 6’1, 210 pound, former Madison Ridgeland Academy standout who, after suffering many injuries, completed 142 of his 228 passes during his 13 career games of high school.

The wolves have two talented freshman running backs, Rico Owens and Deion Dampier to replace the graduates of last year. Both of these players have the power to break tackles and run the ball great distances.

Joining the offense, we have several talented wide receivers in 2017. Three players, Ryan Drew, Nero Nelson, and Jamarcus Weatherall have returned for their sophomore season.  There are also two newcomers, Kobe Gates and Kevin Romer, Jr. This group of guys will combine to form an ultimate powerhouse that is needed to put points on the board.

You can’t have a strong game without the big guys up front. The offensive and defensive lines seem to be a solid, reliable force for the Wolfpack this year. Some key players for the offensive line are Elbert Watson and Charles Cameron, with the defensive line held by Damion Dickens. These players will have what it takes to not only help to put points on the board, but also prevent the other team from scoring. As far as special teams, we have Griffin Sublett, punter, and Chance Herbert, long snapper. This combo is one that will make a big impact on whether the opposing team will score on drives.

Joining the wolfpack this year are two new coaches: Micah Davis, quarterback coach, and Bernard Goodrum, linebacker coach. Both have different expectations for their players. Davis, a former Co-Lin quarterback himself, hopes to have what it takes to push these quarterbacks to their ultimate potential, while Goodrum hopes to transform the high school players into D1 players.

When you watch the game this Thursday, look for a Co-Lin victory. With their quick receivers and talented linebackers, they should have what it takes to push the Wolves to a win.