Passion Projects

Rainee Luper, Editor

What is a passion project you ask? Passion projects are initiated and held by Phi Theta Kappa officers which supports, emphasizes, or informs the campus on a topic of the individual’s choice. I, Rainee Luper, chose to center my passion project around “options”, and I partnered with the Crisis Pregnancy Center and affiliated organizations. As a college student, I have seen the lack of options among students and young adults. My passion for this year is to invest into the lives of students who have had an experience with pregnancy, whether it was themselves, partner, relative, or friend. Personally, my aunt and uncle struggled for over sixteen years in an effort to become pregnant and have a child of their own. Eventually, there came a point in their lives where adoption was an opportunity. Now, I have a younger cousin who was adopted; he is twelve years old and looks very similar to my aunt when she was a child. Three years later, my aunt and uncle discovered they were able to conceive a child without the use of any exterior factors. This was a miracle for not only them, but the family, friends, and physicians who had understood that scientifically, it was impossible for them to conceive together. Throughout my life, I have had experiences with family, friends, and acquaintances who have searched for options.

Furthermore, I have been involved with Crisis Pregnancy Centers across the state. I have researched and found myself knowledgeable on the options these centers provide and promote. I chose to engage my campus with an awareness hour of options within Crisis Pregnancy Centers and other affiliated associations. With my skills of public speaking, communications, and media propaganda, I was able to raise awareness of options on Co-Lin’s campus, with hopes of this knowledge spreading to surrounding areas, outside of campus.

On October 18, 2017, I set up a table in the quad outside of the cafeteria, handed out flyers, and answered any questions anyone had. I encouraged students to take flyers to their friends or family who have had personal experiences with pregnancy. I desire to inform the Co-Lin campus and surrounding areas of available options when dealing with pregnancy, not to inform students on pregnancy prevention. Within the areas of Lincoln and Copiah counties, there is an average of 772 live births a year among teens. A number this large directed my emphasis on the topic of options. I chose to inform students that even in difficult situations of life, there is support and encouragement. Even if one is ecstatic about the conception of a child, the individual may not have the financial stability to provide for all the necessities. Through the Crisis Pregnancy Center, mothers and even fathers of a child may participate in activities which in turn rewards them. Completing these activities, parents’ have the ability to earn supplies for the child while gaining character skills such as diligence, ambition, and responsibility.

As a college student, I have come to understand that students will make whatever decisions they choose whether it is socially acceptable to not. Children are a gift of life, bringing joy, ambition, and frustration all at once. Educating my peers on the benefits of affiliation with the Crisis Pregnancy Center is my goal.