Strange Incidents

Lacie Tarver, Writer

Last week, a minor incident occurred on the CLCC Wesson campus that very few know about.  In one of the girls’ dorms, the Stevens Annex, a malfunction took place in one of the rooms.  The student living in that dorm room had her phone charger and laptop charger plugged in to charge.  As she proceeded to charge her devices, she noticed something did not seem completely right.  She did not jump to conclusions because she did not want to irrationalize the situation. She continued the activities she had planned for the day. After a while, she went to check her phone and noticed something was wrong.  The phone was not only dead from low battery because the charger was not working, but it was also acting strange. The student ignored the situation because she thought maybe there was a minor fault in her phone or charger and once she rebooted it, all would be resolved.  She began to open her laptop to work on some assignments when she noticed the laptop was having the same malfunctions as her phone and died completely.  After several instances, she came to the conclusion that there was something wrong with the electrical sockets. Without knowing the source of the problem, she unplugged both chargers and found the prongs of the chargers were completely fried. The silver prongs had turned to a gold, rust color, and there was a little excess smoke coming from the socket. Maintenance was informed of this issue and came to investigate. They were unable to pinpoint the root of the problem and simply suggested to not touch or use those electrical sockets.  Although this situation was a huge inconvenience, the incident could have been much worse.