Homecoming Elections

Fernandria Byrd, Editor

Homecoming is slowly approaching but it will be here before we know it. I hope everyone got the chance to vote. Caroline Pace and Emily Warren were elected as Freshman Maids and the runoffs were Sheridan Williams and Nina White. Anaston Hearn was elected for Sophomore Maid and the runoffs were Callie Fortenberry and Dakota Harris. The runoff elections were held in the Dow-Young building and in front of the cafeteria on September 26. The final winners were announced today on September 27. Congratulations to Freshman Maid, Nina White and Sophomore Maid, Callie Fortenberry. I hope to see everyone on October 27, to not only see our Freshman and Sophomore Maid but to also cheer on our wolves as they take on SouthWest Community College starting at 3:00PM.