Bake Sale for A Great Cause

Fernandria Byrd, Editor

October 9, 2018

On October 3, PTK member Polly Anna Patterson hosted a bake sale in front of the cafeteria. The bake sale was for the National Pediatric Cancer National Foundation. I asked her why did she choose this foundation and she told me...

Future Teachers of America

Tray Henderson, Staff

September 27, 2018

This years organization met at 11:04AM to symbolize the 11.4million teachers that will be needed by the year 2020. The program was put in place to help those who are going into the Education Field. Co-Lin offers plenty of networking...

Homecoming Elections

Fernandria Byrd, Editor

September 27, 2018

Homecoming is slowly approaching but it will be here before we know it. I hope everyone got the chance to vote. Caroline Pace and Emily Warren were elected as Freshman Maids and the runoffs were Sheridan Williams and Nina White....

Strange Incidents

Lacie Tarver, Writer

October 31, 2017

Last week, a minor incident occurred on the CLCC Wesson campus that very few know about.  In one of the girls’ dorms, the Stevens Annex, a malfunction took place in one of the rooms.  The student living in that dorm room had...

Passion Projects

Rainee Luper, Editor

October 19, 2017

What is a passion project you ask? Passion projects are initiated and held by Phi Theta Kappa officers which supports, emphasizes, or informs the campus on a topic of the individual’s choice. I, Rainee Luper, chose to center...

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