Finding Our Center

Gracie Byrne, News Writer

November 9, 2016

On October 6, 2016, the new Copiah Lincoln Corridor will be unveiled. This project has been in motion for over three years. Beginning in 2013, a committee was created to make the idea a reality. Former Co-Lin President, Doctor...

Student Voices

Rebecca Ellzey

May 6, 2016

Student Voices is an organization consisting of selectively chosen students. These students work together to push the community college agenda. They meet with political figures who have great influence on matters of the college....

AM vs PM Classes

Caitlyn Upton

May 6, 2016

            Now is the time to start signing up for fall classes. You are probably thinking that those morning classes are no fun and you are just ready for the summer. Keep your mind on next semester. If you are inv...


Kayla Tyler

January 20, 2016

This year has been an amazing year for the Eta Omega Chapter so far. We have so much to look forward to as for the Spring Semester. First and foremost, we will continue to meet on Friday’s at 11:00 in Room 102 in the Smith Building....

Survival Guide for the Co-Lin Freshmen

Jennifer Kennedy

September 21, 2015

Entering freshmen may have questions about where to go on campus for help and what type of activities they can become involved in. This is a brief guide on some important aspects that will help you survive your first year on campus. The...

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