Copiah-Lincoln Community College Softball Team 2013-2014

Gabriella Hinkley, Writer

November 6, 2013

The softball team for Co-Lin is looking at a great season this spring! Coach Kent thinks that this will be their best year yet! They’re practicing hard and looking forward to their first game. For the upcoming season, we have...

Copiah-Lincoln Community College Women’s Basketball 2013-2014

Sarah Claire Armstrong, Writer

November 4, 2013

The Co-Lin Lady Wolves never fail to have an outstanding basketball team each season. The Lady Wolves are led by Gwyn Young, the head coach for the past 37 years. Throughout those years, he has gathered a record of 821 wins and 241 losses. With his teams, he has captured a slew of titles and awards for both his team and himself. Most recently, Coach Young was inducted into the National Junior College ...