The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Chelsey Buie, Assistant Editor

October 25, 2012

In late August a group of friends and I went to the theater in Madison to see The Odd Life of Timothy Green. This movie wasn’t my first choice; however, I was with some of my closest friends and decided to make the most of it....

“Trouble With the Curve”

Shelby Oxley, Editor

October 25, 2012

Baseball is America’s pastime and everyone knows something about the game. Whether it is just the simple facts that three strikes you are out and the whole point of the game is to hit the ball to an opposing team to try to get...

Angel Haze: A New Kind of Female Rapper

Elizabeth Cobb, Staff Writer

October 25, 2012

Angel Haze is a female rapper hailing from her adopted city of New York. Coming from a fatherless childhood littered with struggle, she’s not what you’d expect out of a female MC. She’s got no problem with telling you about...


Shelby Burton and Ryne Allen, Staff Writers

October 24, 2012

Shelby Dredd 3D is a 2012 film about a future dystopian America that is policed by a task force known as Judges, who are policemen, judges, jury, and executioners.  The film takes place on the East Coast in MegaCity One, an...