Darrell Reese, News Writer

March 28, 2017

Music in my opinion can either warm the heart or destroy it. You can always tell the way a person is by the type of music they listen to. The best type of music is the type of music you can relate to or vibe to, in my case, both....

Being Involved

Gracie Byrne, News Writer

March 6, 2017

 For a college student, being involved on campus is optional. You are not required to be in any clubs or organizations, and you can simply attend your classes and nothing more. But why go to college and not be involved? In my...

Should Women wear Makeup?

Madison Andrews, Editor

March 6, 2017

For many generations, woman all across the world have enhanced and confidently embraced their beauty through hairstyles, clothing, and most importantly, wearing a huge amount, little, or no makeup. Makeup has been a trend in various c...

Rights and Responsibilities

Rainee Luper, News Writer

March 6, 2017

How many of you have thought about our rights and responsibilities as college students? Often, we get caught up in just finishing the semesters or barely get by with a “good enough” grade point average. I would like to brief...


Darrell Reese, News Writer

February 20, 2017

My opinion on society is like being the chosen one. Only the chosen is chose to lead, only the chosen is chose to follow. But all must listen, all must grow. I feel like we shouldn't have a president but society chooses that....