Connor Crosby, News Writer

February 6, 2017

How much should a college student sleep? Most college students would say that sleep is hard to come by and that naps are few and far between. That sleep is random and that we never get enough of it. Why is that? A lot of it not...

Valentine’s Day

Gracie Byrne, News Writer

February 6, 2017

February is a time of cool weather, Mardi Gras, and Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is a holiday dedicated to showing romantic love to your significant other. It generally consists of gifts such as flower...

Samsung or Apple?

Madison Andrews, Editor

February 6, 2017

There have been several speculations about which mobile device is better over the previous years. Samsung and Apple have been competing on various levels of technological background and competency for many years, and users of...

Having A Voice

Rainee Luper, News Writer

January 30, 2017

           In today’s society, one has the right and privilege to speak freely. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. Politically, citizens often times are defensive when confronted with a political topic or age...

Cutting Class

Gracie Byrne, News Writer

November 14, 2016

It’s now that time in the semester; we are almost to the end. At Co-Lin, students have only three weeks of classes left before the end of the fall semester. Because we are so close to the end of the semester, some students may...