It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Leanne Carr, News Writer

November 9, 2016

As much as it rains in Wesson, you would think more students would catch on at this point. According to the website WeatherDB, Wesson has an average annual rainfall of 58.23 inches, which happens to be 49% more than the nationwide...

Making Co-Leezy Cool-Leezy

Connor Crosby, News Writer

November 9, 2016

Copiah - Lincoln Community College, The Place to be! I am so excited for this upcoming semester. I’m looking forward to sporting events, meeting people, joining clubs, and being so involved in every aspect of the community college...

Should Student Athletes get Paid

Kayla Tyler

May 6, 2016

During each NCAA Meeting, the question of whether or not college football players should get paid, is always being discussed. The debate as to whether or not college athletes should be paid has really heated up in the recent years....

The Cicadas are Coming!

Brady Dunaway, Staff Writer

April 30, 2015

Many of you who are reading this may be puzzled by the title. What you may be familiar with are the bugs that many of you know as locusts. There are very few of us who have not seen the shed skins that they leave on trees and...

A Distinct Lack of Communication?

Brady Dunaway, Staff Writer

April 30, 2015

Walking around campus, anywhere out in public, or even in our own homes for that matter, I am taking note of a very serious societal problem that we are facing. I see it every day, in every age group of people, affecting almost...