The Flame

Ian Jeansonne, Writer

The lights of the stadium hung over head flickering in the newly setting sun. The game was nearing its final play of the night as the crowd stood on edge of their seats waiting to see if our team could hold their lead of be taken out in just one minute. “Dude this game is so boring, why are we even here?” questioned my friend Mike squirming in his seat like a three-year-old. I rolled my eyes at him as I looked back into my camera waiting for the perfect shot. I kept my eye on the quarterback as the clock hit zero. My heart finally eased as I clicked my camera catching the picture of our quarterback’s winning flip into a touchdown. “Okay, we can leave now,” I said tucking my camera into its case. The crowd roared as the team all huddled in the middle celebrating their victory. “So, remind me again why we come to these games?” asked Mike. “It pays for the gas I need for the car you always need a ride in,” I replied. “That’s cold Max, where is the love man?” Asked Mike laughing. Mike and I have been friends since seventh grade after I punched Malcom Miller for cutting a piece of Mike’s hair out while he was sleeping in class. After that day we have always been together. He gets into trouble and I photograph the whole thing; the perfect team as he always says. “Okay, you’re right I am so sorry you totaled your car trying to drive with your feet,” I said unlocking the car door. “You are just such a lovely person man like really love you so much bro,” Mike replied laughing before he could go into any further sarcastic remarks. The lights of the car went down the road as if scanning every inch of it as we drove towards my house. The radio phased on and off through the static while Mike searched for any available station in the forgotten forest that let lead to my house. The radio suddenly clicked on as blasting news report “There have been a series of mysterious objects crashing all around the city tonight, Citizens have reported these objects as…”, the report was brought to a sudden stop as Mike changed the station. “Dude come on I was listening to that,” I said. “Max that news report was total bull, Oh My God!” Mike paused frozen in fear. “What is your deal?” I asked but was interrupted as my car was hit by a ball of flames. It felt like my car flipped in the air forever until we finally slid across the road. Fire had already nearly taken over my whole car. All I could do was worry about Mike. “Mike come on buddy please talk to me, please just give me a sign”, I shouted to him. There was no answer only silence, I felt numb as I looked at my best friend’s limp body. “Do you wish to live?” asked an unknown voice. I looked around the burning car for the voice. “Who’s there? Please help us,” I begged. There was no one there only the same question “Do you wish to live?” I could feel the flames burning my legs there wasn’t much time left for me. “Okay, yes I want to live, please help me!!” I screamed. The flames engulfed me as I heard “You will be my new Warrior of the Flame.