A New Golden Age in Musical Theatre?

Madison Andrews, Editor

It is fascinating at times to look at the realization of musicality in theatre, especially when you are a fan of broadway, musical plays, or anything that goes with music and theatre. In recent years, musical theatre has captured the hearts of so many individuals across our nation. There have been moments where musical theatre would have its breaking moments; then there were also moments that musical theatre was at an all-time low. Now, musical theatre has risen up with its simplistic broad range of styles from various parts of the country. From features like The Sound Of Music, Hamilton, Grease, and others, there is no way that anyone can deny the remarkable increase in the music and theatre industry.

Many of these musical plays have transformed into an unimaginable act of success, and that is not because of its popularity before. Hamilton rose in 57 million dollars of advanced sales (Not to mention our former President went to see this play twice.) Also, The Sound of Music was an incredible portrayal of the 1950’s style of musical theatre that any crowd would enjoy.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Musical Theatre is becoming a wide known trend to society and can be positively recognized as “The New Golden Age”. Industry leaders are increasing their productions, which will grow musical theatre in extraordinary ways. Today’s young people are now begging for a more gratifying contrast of music and theatre, and this will do the trick for many individuals who strive for the excitement of musical theatre. The charismatic blend of musical talent and the work of film industry will forever combine musical theatre for generations to come.