Everything, Everything

Gracie Byrne, News Writer

Everyone loves a good drama movie, why not add Everything, Everything to your movie list? This film is about a young girl who cannot leave her sealed home due to a rare immune deficiency and the new boy next door who wants to forge a relationship regardless of that. While they are only able to communicate via text message and signs through her bedroom window, they manage to beat the odds. The question is, will they risk it all to be together? This movie is one that is sure to teach us about not only taking chances, but learning to find love as well.
Everything, Everything stars Amandla Stenburg and Nick Robinson as two of the main characters in this book to movie adaption. The book was written by Nicola Yoon and the movie is directed by Stella Meghie. The book Everything, Everything was released in August of 2015, and the movie adaption will premiere in May of 2017.
Although Everything, Everything shares very slightly similarities with The Fault in Our Stars, it is sure to be a movie you’ll love. The music for the film is being composed by Ludwig Göransson, and the film is being produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Everything, Everything has received positive reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and Entertainment Weekly. The internet is buzzing with activity over the movie as well.
This drama/romance is one that will definitely warm hearts with its vivid illustrations of Maddie’s mind and the story of her and Olly coming together despite her illness.