Heaven Upside Down

Ryan Purser, Writer

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Today, October 6, 2017 Marilyn Manson released his tenth studio album titled Heaven Upside Down.  Brian Hugh Warner was born on January 5, 1969 in Canton, Ohio to the parents Hugh and Barb Warner.  As a child, Manson was raised in a Catholic church, and attended a Catholic school.  He had a rough childhood as he was bullied and molested on several occasions by a neighbor.  The scaring of his childhood sent him on a path of rebellion and to become one of the greatest rock performers to date.  After Manson graduated high school, him and his parents moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for his father’s job.  He attended a small community college called Broward, where he studied journalism and theater.  He entered into the music industry as an entertainment journalist for a local newspaper.  Being in this job position, Manson had the perfect opportunity to get to know, and interview famous musicians from the area including, Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails.  While working for the newspaper, he formed his own band called “Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids”. Manson has said many times, that he gets the name from Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson, two of the biggest names in the sixties and two completely different types of people.

In 1993, Manson earned a recording contract from Trent Reznor’s record label, Nothing, because of their performances and self-released cassette tapes.  The contract also led them to touring with Nine Inch Nails in 1994.  The first album released by Marilyn Manson was Portrait of an American Family in 1994, which consisted of songs such as, Lunchbox, Get Your Gunn and Wrapped in Plastic.  Manson would go on to release nine more albums; my personal two favorites being Antichrist Superstar and Holy Wood.  With today’s release of Heaven Upside Down, it marks an incredible milestone in Manson career. A production of ten studio albums is extremely impressive in today’s society.  My two favorite songs off of the new album is “Say10” and “KILL4ME”.  Once again, I am blown away by the effort and quality put into his album.  Although Manson is coming off a rough week by breaking his ankle at a show, and then two nights later, a massive stage prop falls on him and almost crushes him to death, he does have the release of this album to keep him in good spirits.  I have no doubt in my mind this album will go on to have incredible success, while we all wish Manson a speedy recovery to get back out on tour.

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Heaven Upside Down