Ian Jeansonne

On February 22, 2019 a new game will be hitting the media from BioWare. This new open world game said to be a big new age for the company is Anthem. The developers describe Anthem as a world that the gods abandoned before it was completed. As a result, the world was left in ruins with creatures made from relics of the gods left activated.

In order to survive and save this developing world from destruction from its own inhabitants a vigilante group called the freelancers was formed. A freelancer is described as a pilot who go out into the Anthem to defeat creatures and collect intel for others. The brilliant machines they pilot are humanoid suits called the Javelins. These suits are divided into 4 different classes each containing their own strengths and weaknesses inside of the 4 player squads on the online game.

The Javelin classes are The Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and the Interceptor. Each Javelin has unique weapons and skills to use inside the world to defeat monsters and complete missions. Along with that they have skins and armors to completely customize a player’s suit for a full personal experience.

The developers are still releasing data on the classes, but to describe them for viewers without spoiling anything for those who wish to wait for the surprise experience on opening day. The everyman’s soldier Ranger, the heavy Tank Colossus, the glass cannon mage Storm, and the stealthy engineer Interceptor

BioWare is still with holding info to players until further notice of the games release. The game still has a lot more to go to reach the developer’s rather high expectation, but with the little information viewers have gained its easy to say that Anthem should be a game to take the books