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Audrey Williamson

Keke, Why did you break the internet?


Over the past month, one particular song took over the internet. One of the biggest artists in the music industry, Drake, released his 25 song project, Scorpion. Not long after the release on June 29, many songs “blew up.” Some of his earlier singles off the album had already had their “time of fame,” including Nice for What, I’m Upset, and God’s Plan. The newest “bop” of the year was In My Feelings. This project quickly became on of the songs of the month, placing number 6 on the charts. After a comedian, Shiggy, posted a video of him dancing to the song on his Instagram account, the song rapidly escalated to a meme, where everyone around the world began recreating the dance video in their own way. In case anyone out there is not aware of the trend, the videos consisted/still consist of people standing or walking along the side of an open car door and just dance in the street. Some fail videos can be quite funny. Now, if you are wondering where the name Keke came from, it is part of the chorus in the song and it is supposedly Drake’s first girlfriend, singer Keshia Chante. In other parts of the world this challenge was frowned upon. Some countries banned it in public roadways because of the disruption of traffic, and some people were even thrown in jail. This challenge or meme took over the internet and almost everyone was doing it. Some stars as big as Will Smith, Liza Koshy, and even little kids. To sum up the month of June is pretty much with one word; KEKE.