Spider-Man Game

Jacob Davis, Staff


Have you ever been playing a story based gamed, and you just got mad because of the bad voice acting or horrible screen writing. Well I know that I’ve had that problem with a few games, but I have good news! See I have found a game that offers some of the best screen writing and voice acting I have seen. Yes you guessed it right, it is the new Spider-Man game. You get to play as an older more experienced Spider-Man. While you swing through New York and stop all kinds of crime, you get to be part of a beautifully written story.

Screen writing

WOW! That’s all that I could get out of my mouth every time I saw how natural the conversations were written. Any of the conversations, whether they were part of the cut scene or just going on while you played, sounded so realistic just fit with every situation. For example when you are fighting a group of thugs, the writers did a really good job at keeping Spider-Mans jokes funny without really making them seem out of place. Or when Peter and MJ have a conversation, they make sure to make it seem like it really is in real life. No one talks to their ex, that they want to get back with, completely normal without being awkward sometimes. Thankful that is just another part of the dialogue that the writers nailed.

Voice acting

Now of course the script may be the perfectly written for the game, but without the good voice acting it could all go down the drain. However, Spider-Man’s voice acting is amazing. It doesn’t matter how good the script sounds if the actors can not say the script as realistic as possible. Sometimes in games the voice actors are very straight forward and dull. Sometimes its like they don’t put any emotion into the script that they are using. A game is always better when the voices in the game don’t sound like their reading from a script, and that’s exactly how this game is like. Never once do you feel like the acting is dull or fake. The actors they hired did a amazing job at making you forget that your watching a game, but more like you are watching people in their every day life.

I really enjoyed this game and I believe that many other gamers who enjoy story based games to go play Spider-Man, and experience all of this amazing game for themselves.