How To Be A Successful College Student At the End Of The Semester

Xavier Cameron

When college students are nearing the end of a semester, they want to know how well they have been doing in the last 2 to 3 weeks. There are a few things college students should know to help them better prepare for the end of the semester. The first important step in being a successful college student is knowing about the articulation agreement in MS. It is an agreement between Mississippi’s community colleges and public universities in which there is an understanding between two academic institutions that a course offered at one institution will be accepted for transfer credit at the partnering institution. This agreement helps students take appropriate courses at a community college that will transfer for credit toward a bachelor’s degree at the university of the students’ choice. Knowing about your college’s transfer opportunities is another way to be a successful college student. Transcript evaluation is important for students planning to transfer because it allows the students new college to determine which credits the student earned at their old institution will transfer. It is very critical that students meet with their advisors to know exactly what classes should be taken before the end of each semester. Collecting syllabi from each class that is taken is also an organizing method to become a successful college student. This helps students be more in check with their courses and helps them with their instructor’s office hours. It is also very useful for what the student should expect from the course and what the exit requirements are. These are just a few important items college student should learn to become more successful and be on top of everything at the end of the semester.