Georgia Blue Bakery Review

Shauntavis Vardaman

Arriving at this unique, small, yet convenient size bakery in downtown Brookhaven I witnessed the old southern hospitality as I came in. Old model cars, and old antiques were set on display all around the restaurant. Gathering my thoughts on what I wanted, I looked at the old style menu board they had hanging up above their heads. I chose the chocolate milkshake to stop my sweet tooth craving. The waitresses were as nice as they could be and the service time was unbelievable. As soon as I ordered my item, less than three minutes had passed and there came my delicious sugary chocolate milkshake. As I ate and enjoyed my milkshake I stumbled across a great taste of whip cream. I like the milkshake because of the size and cost of it. It’s a huge milkshake but it is totally worth the five dollars plus tax for the large one. Eating into it I enjoyed the homemade style and hospitality that came with it.