Georgia Blue Bakery

Bryce Chapman

Georgia Blue Bakery is a great place for college students to go eat after class. It is really quick and easy.  The food is decent for the amount of money that you pay. You aren’t there to get fine dining, but it is a great atmosphere to go eat and hang out with your friends after class. The menu is slim compared to Georgia Blue, but what they have is pretty good. I would compare it to Newks or McAllisters. It is a convenient option for college students if they don’t want to eat the cafeteria food for lunch all the time. I feel like the portions are a fair amount the price that you pay to eat there. The sandwiches are good and come with either a salad, soup, or chips. It is a really good option to keep in mind when you want something different for lunch after class.  I would highly recommend it to people for a great idea for lunch. I don’t think it would be good idea for dinner because most people don’t want a sandwich for dinner but it is a good place to eat.