A Third Choice

Gracie Byrne, News Writer

 In the United States, we have a presidential election coming up. On November eighth, we as a people will vote for our next president. For many people, voting is an important act. It is the exercising of their rights as a citizen of this country. For others, it is a hassle. Some Americans do not even vote on Election Day.
     As a young adult, turning eighteen meant being able to vote. It meant becoming an adult, who can decide things for ones self. But there is one thing: I am disappointed. This election disappoints me. For someone who has waited to give my thoughts and opinions on politics, I feel that I have been let down.
     The two candidates of this election are not what I expected to have to choose between. Donald Trump, the republican candidate, although having some good ideas, is a loose cannon who wears his emotions on his sleeve. Hillary Clinton, the democratic candidate, having her head on her shoulders, is as dishonest and untrustworthy as one can come.
     Young people are outraged at the choice of candidates. For having to wait so long to vote, it is certainly unfortunate to be forced to choose between Trump or Clinton.
     Fortunately, there is a possible light at the end of the tunnel. A strong Libertarian candidate is in the race, despite the odds. Gary Johnson, businessman and former governor of New Mexico, is running for president. His poll results have only been improving.
     We do not know what is to come of this election, but as a country, we must stay vigilant. In January, a new leader will come into power. Let us hope that it will be someone who can direct us into the right direction.