Are TV Shows better than Movies?

Madison Andrews, Editor

Lights, Camera, Action! There have been several speculations on whether or not television shows are better than films. Some say that movies in today’s world drag; whereas a television show puts all the necessary information in at the right amount of time. There are other people that say that movies are more enjoyable that watching a show. But, do we really have to choose between television shows and movies? They are both relevant to our modern world. Some of the best TV writers will write screenplays for major films. movies and TV have the same ratio of importance.

If one has to decide between a movie or a television show, then weigh out the pro’s and con’s. TV series are known to be shorter and increasingly riskier. It is easier for television to stay relevant: movies can take a year or more to make it known in theaters. But, there is one peculiar characteristic about Television shows that make it similar with a movie: many people are saying inevitable how cinematic television shows are. What is interesting about this is that nothing can be more cinematic than a movie itself! Although a movie can have a few negative outlooks, one can still never go wrong with it. There is so much anticipation in waiting for a movie to come out that looks so intriguing, and that is what sparks an interest to individuals. Television shows are the new cinematic trend, but movies are what makes television shows the way they are today.