Rights and Responsibilities

Rainee Luper, News Writer

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How many of you have thought about our rights and responsibilities as college students? Often, we get caught up in just finishing the semesters or barely get by with a “good enough” grade point average. I would like to briefly discuss our rights as college students. We have the right to a quality education, and with this education, we have the right to infinite scholarship opportunities. We have the right to participate in various organizations and athletics across campus. We have the right to grow as young adults and become great leaders. As leaders, we have the right to make connections among our college, community, and state. Once we have gained these leadership skills, we have the right to share these skills and instill in others the responsibility of a great servant leader. With these opportunities, we could pave a lifetime of success for ourselves.

            I believe our rights as college students are important, but ultimately, our responsibility is to act sufficiently on these rights. We must take responsibility and apply ourselves fully, utilizing our talents and abilities. We must take responsibility and apply ourselves for scholarships. It is our responsibility to maintain great character and communication among our peers in order to impact our campus fully. Many opportunities are available to us as community college students, yet we often waste time expecting someone else to do these things for us.

            We have become a generation where everyone else’s work is good enough, so why pursue anything higher or try to exceed anyone else’s success. I hope today, we will choose to go beyond the basic expectations and that we will challenge one another to become even greater students and leaders within the Copiah-Lincoln family. Opportunities of a lifetime are available to us if only we took responsibility and acted on our rights while our options are limitless.

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Rights and Responsibilities