Should Women wear Makeup?

Madison Andrews, Editor

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For many generations, woman all across the world have enhanced and confidently embraced their beauty through hairstyles, clothing, and most importantly, wearing a huge amount, little, or no makeup. Makeup has been a trend in various cultures for many years, but some people see makeup as offensive and going against a woman’s value of being beautiful. So the question is, should women really wear makeup?

            I am a female who has worn makeup since I was 13 years old, especially since I competed in beauty pageants. My parents always told me that I did not have to wear makeup if I did not want to, that it was my own personal preference. To be honest, I am personally fascinated at makeup. I always feel more beautiful each time I put on foundation and lipstick. I will also say this: there are many days that I can not stand to have makeup on. I have always enforced that showing your natural beauty is OKAY, even to girls who constantly depend on makeup. Although I love my makeup, I never put too much on because I still want to look natural.

            Not everyone has the same opinion about makeup as I do. There are several people who think that putting on makeup is hiding your true beauty and that it is a mask to cover up imperfections that you should not feel so conscious about. The main reason for “makeup haters” to talk down on this particular trend is because they think women are wearing it to impress men, which is partially true. I personally feel that it is because a lot of women in our society feel better about themselves when they wear makeup and that they have accomplished a very polish and professional look.

Either way, whether you despise makeup or can not live a day without makeup, every woman should feel that they are beautiful no matter their looks and embrace the features that were given to them!

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Should Women wear Makeup?