Library Hours

Rainee Luper, Editor

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Should the library consider changing their hours? Currently, the library opens at 7:30 a.m. and closes at 9:30 p.m. I love that they are trying to accommodate all of the guests and students that utilize the library resources by having a wide range of hours. I understand that these ladies are exhausted and frustrated by the end of the day and any later hours would put even more strain on them. On the other hand, I also understand the anxieties of students when their ability to study is hindered. Personally, I believe we should have longer hours for the library especially during mid-term and final exam periods. Usually, students are building study groups and have study sessions around these times. Often, groups of students have to find an outside study space to continue studying hours passed 9:30. For me, I get my best studying done late at night. It is common for students to crash at random houses after studying because they have studied past campus curfew, and they don’t want to get a ticket.

Continuing, I wish the library had longer study hours during these times, or I wish we had some form of a study building that could be accessed through a key card only by dorm students. The campus police could monitor at times and make sure the area was being used properly and taken care of. Even if the campus did not want to leave this facility open 24 hours, the area could still be accessible until hours such as midnight or 1 a.m. like our curfew. I understand the stress of change on a small campus and trying to find the personnel to cover these responsibilities and have it approved, but I truly believe a longer accessible study area would be very appropriate for the Co-Lin campus!

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