Prison Break

Lacie Tarver, Writer

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Prison Break is an action-packed, television series that keeps its viewers intrigued with anticipation. An innocent man, Lincoln Burrows, is sentenced to death row due to a political conspiracy.  His only hope is his brother, Michael Scofield, who uses his knowledge and skills of engineering as well as his overall natural intelligence to make it his mission to get his brother out.  Michael interrupts a bank by persuasive weaponry in order to get himself incarcerated alongside his brother in Fox River State Penitentiary.  He then sets elaborate plans into motion in order to break both him and his brother out.  The episodes aired are the most well scripted and precisely directed television series I have ever watched.  Every detail within this show contributes to the storyline and is expressed in a thorough manner. Whoever is responsible for the writing of the scripts did a phenomenal job, and I believe, without a doubt, they are extremely intelligent.  Within the scripts, there is actual math, science, and higher engineering skills accurately presented for an even greater understanding.  At first, many assumed the show would end once the brothers escape the prison because of how difficult it would be to keep the viewers’ attention and interest.  With that assumption, however, they would be wrong.  The producers are so talented that they found a way to continue the series without diminishing the interest, by keeping the action and anticipation just as fulfilling. What people do not understand is, there are numerous concepts and situations that continue to unfold in following seasons that nicely coincided and link together, but each secret has a more valuable meaning that ties in the finale of the series.  This is a great show for everyone to watch that I highly recommend.


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Prison Break