Are We Skipping Thanksgiving?

Gracie Byrne, Co-Editor

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Well, we have finally made it to November. Halloween has passed, and we can focus on the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. As we go into our cities and towns, does it feel like Thanksgiving? Many people will disagree on this and say it feels like Christmas. Some say everything is already decorated for Christmas, and that Christmas even comes early.


Does Christmas come early? Like I said, many people would say yes, but we must remember that the world is simply preparing for the winter holidays. It is not that the world does not appreciate Thanksgiving, but everyone else in the world does not even celebrate this holiday. Surprisingly, Thanksgiving is only celebrated in the United States and Canada. The United States celebrates the holiday in November, while Canada celebrates it in October.


Considering how Christmas is a popular holiday, one would expect the masses to be excited for the most wonderful time of the year, yet many people complain that Christmas is being forced upon them. Many believe we should wait until December to get excited about the season.


Essentially, as soon as Halloween is over, the world is preparing for Christmas and other winter holidays. Even after understanding this, complaints will still be made about Christmas coming early. In reality, anyone can begin preparing for Christmas whenever they would like to, whether it is on November first or December first. No, Christmas is not coming early. We are simply late for the worldwide preparation.


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Are We Skipping Thanksgiving?