How Much is Too Far?

Rainee Luper, Editor

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I have come to a point where I believe the actions of some individuals needs to be addressed. I am referring to the amount of disruption and excessive, unnecessary behavior on our campus. I am a very tolerable person, but lately, my buttons have been pushed to the limit by Co-Lin students who choose to act like hoodlums on our campus late at night. Almost daily, I hear loud yelling, screaming, and music to volumes above one’s normal listening tolerance.

I enjoy college life, and I do not believe one should have to be as quiet as a mouse when having fun with friends. On the other hand, I want to ask some individuals: “Do you know what normal level of speaking sounds like?” … Living in Ellis dormitories, residents can hear full conversations from the parking lot and the corridor. Seeing students running around and screaming has become a normality. I understand we have quiet hours at 10:30, but can people not act civilized? There are nights when groups of people sound like they are having a party or a brawl in the parking lot below.

I do not want to make students feel like fun is not allowed on campus, for I definitely want to have fun while I am in college, but I think unnecessary behavior can be avoided. Some students do their best to balance extracurricular activities and schoolwork. Often, late nights are the only times one has to complete assignments for their classes. Some students are enrolled in extremely tough programs, in which they are trying to excel and need to meet a certain number of sleep hours to remain balanced and healthy. Consideration for others would be much appreciated for fellow peers whom do their best to put others before themselves.

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