Should College Tuition Be Free?

Lacie Tarver, Writer

The argument of whether or not college tuition should be free is an ongoing topic that has come to be a subject for quite some time.  There have been many passionate opinions on this matter that have been expressed throughout society.  Because it would be much simpler to just give a yes or no answer.  This question deserves, and in some ways, requires an open mind and a balanced exploration of the potential benefits, drawbacks, and alternatives.  Those who are for free college believe that it would benefit not only students individually, but the entire nation both publicly and privately as well.  Fewer people would seek other forms of public assistance, people would have more freedom to contribute to their talents, new ideas would be tested, one could pursue the life he or she wants, and there would be a better educated population that could result in smarter decision -making at every level and aspect of society.  With all of that being said, however, the reasons as to why college tuition should not be free may override the previous observations as to why it should.  Those who oppose the idea of free college tuition stand by the fact that such an idea would simply be too expensive for the federal and state governments to maintain long –term.  Higher taxed would have to be paid and could lead to it hurting the economy since people might have less to spend or invest.  There is also the possibility that students would not take their college education as seriously and students might not learn to become as financially stable or independent as they should.  Most importantly, if a lot more people are able to earn college degrees, then the value of these degrees would decrease, in which, could lead to a rising number of workers who are underemployed based on their qualifications or vice versa.  There would not be anything to separate such levels of education, therefore, there would have to be some other form or level of education created in order to distinguish such.