Opinion Article

Audrey Williamson

Socks? Or Sandals?

Do socks really go with sandals? This controversial fashion trend has actually been around at least 2,000 years. The first evidence was in England, of all places. This actually surprised me because ever since this was making a “come back.” I just thought it was a weird 60s, 70s, 80s thing, but an ancient fashion statement was very appalling. Considering these shocking facts and my 2018 fashion mindset, I honestly do not feel it was good look for these kings and queens of ancient England. Fast forward a couple millennium it has changed just tad. Here in 2018, this unusual appearance isn’t so unusual. You see anyone and everyone wearing all different types of sock and sandals; together. Honesty there are many different good types of sock and sandal combinations, but there are a few that are just a DEFINITE no. Now, no one here is bashing this trend, I am very much guilty of this. Chacos and Nike socks are always my go to when it comes to any athletic event. You go to any game/meet/match pretty much half of those attending will also be guilty of this.  Athletes have just; kind of, adopted the habit. In my experience, socks and sandals were the “go to” because after your big game/meet/match you just want to get comfortable and giver your feet a break. Either the foot fetish just gets to you or the thought of your friends roasting you just makes you want to play it safe, but comfortably. While most trends fade, for some reason this one comes and stays for comfort. Socks and sandals are pretty much the most controversial fashion phase. Socks and sandals; is it a trend? Yes. Is it a good trend? Mostly. Will I continue to participate in this trend? Yes.