Opinion Article

Jacob Davis

Assassins creed has been a big part of the game industry since 2007. Its been a game that has allowed people to explore countries and into different histories of the world. Going from Italy in 1475 all the way to America in 1777. Allowing you to explore completely different landscapes and climates. Even though there has been 10 games almost every one still follows the same pattern, and that pattern is that they all consist of you tracking people down and jumping off a building and assassinating people. Sure some of the new ones have changed their fighting mechanics and their climbing mechanics, but that doesn’t change the fact that the gameplay and stories almost always stay the same. That part of the assassins creed franchise has really been hurting them. Finally in 2017 they realized this and decided that they would basically change the franchise for the better. They did this by changing the fighting mechanics as well as changing the kind of story and kind of complete gameplay. Now instead of sneaking around and jumping off rooftops to assassinate your target, you are a warrior who has to fight hand to hand, or weapon to weapon, to bring down your enemies. This form of fighting was in all of the assassins creeds, however in the other ones it was the last option. In this you don’t start off as someone who has known about the assassin order for most of their life, or had a father that was an assassin that passed it down to you. This new form other assassins creed is very different and very unlike the assassins creed everyone grew up with, but it is a new a better birth of the steadily declining franchise.