My Favorite Team

KaSon Chinn, Writer

I think sports are one the most popular things in the entire world, it is so exciting to people. Football is my favorite sport to watch, I could be having a bad day and I turn on the tv and see there is a football game on. It could take all of my distractions at the time. My favorite football teams are the Georgia Bulldogs and the New Orleans Saints. This weekend I watched both of my favorite teams pick up a win, the Bulldogs took on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and came out on top versus a top ten football team. It was a hard-fought game throughout the whole day but at the end we found a way to pull it out with good plays by the offense and the defense. The next day I watched the Saints take on the Seattle Seahawks and they did not disappoint, even though we are a little banged up on the offensive side of the football, we had some players to step up. At times our defense looked a little lost but some how stuck in the game and made plays when we needed them.