Iron Lady Dead at 87

Alexis Smith, Writer



Margaret Hilda Roberts was born on 13 October 1925 in Grantham, England to a family of grocers. She was a British politician and the first female Prime Minister of Great Britain. She held that office from 1979-1990 and became the longest serving Prime Minister in the 20th Century. She became well known around the globe for her “iron” ways and firm stands on her policies; policies which soon became known as Thatcherism. Many loved her and many hated her, but she stood firmly on what she believed was right.

 Margaret attended Oxford and earned a degree in chemistry and worked as a chemist for four years while she studied law on the side. She later passed the bar and became interested in politics. After her first loss, she met and married Dennis Thatcher and three years later gave birth to twins, Carol and Mark. After hurtful losses, she was finally elected a Member of Parliament for Finchley in 1959. During her time in Parliament, she served as Secretary of Education and was later elected Conservative Party Leader. She became Prime Minister in 1979 and served from 10 Downing Street for eleven years.

 Margaret Thatcher was a very controversial leader and faced a lot of opposition during her time in office. Some of the most memorable moments of her terms in office include The Falklands War, her relationship with President Ronald Reagan and their fight against Communism, the infamous poll tax, and several reforms in education, healthcare, and economics. It certainly wasn’t a walk in the park for Lady Thatcher during her eleven years in office, but she never backed down on her policies overcame a lot of obstacles to accomplish what she believed was the right direction for Great Britain.

 After stepping down from office of Prime Minister, Thatcher became a public speaker and lecturer. After several years, she retired from the public eye due to frail health and continuous suffering from dementia. Lady Thatcher suffered a stroke on 8 April 2013 and died that morning at the Ritz Hotel in London. Lord Bell, Thatcher’s spokesperson, confirmed her death in a press release issued at 12:52 BST. Many reflect back to a time of Thatcherism with pride and many with distain, but something everyone must agree on is that looking beyond policies and politics, Margaret Thatcher had a heart that beat solely for the good of her country.

In accordance to her wishes, Lady Thatcher will not receive a state funeral, but will receive military honors with a ceremonial church service at St. Paul’s Cathedral on 17 April.