Fishing Trip Gone Wrong!

Rykia Bernard, Writer

A man by the name of, Jose Salvador Alvarenga, claims to have been stranded on Marshall Islands for more than a year. According to him, while leaving Mexico on a fishing trip, his boat was completely blown off course. Also, he claims to have watched his best friend die of starvation.

Alvarenga was questioned on a Monday by police who were more than amazed at his miraculous survivor story. Jose Alvarenga claims to have drifted over 6,000 miles on a boat that was no more than 24-feet long. Amazing? I think yes! By eating fish, turtles (both the meat and blood), birds, rainwater, and even drinking his own urine, is the reason why he is alive to tell his story. Suspiciously, Jose Alvanerga could not explain how he managed to survive off the fish and other water animal without the use of any fishing gear.

A minister by the name of Tony de Brum says that Jose is not fully coherent. All Jose claims to have wanted, according to Tony de Brum, was a haircut, when he made it back to civilization. There is no doubt that this man was in deed in pain, thirsty, and everything else imaginable. Jorge Bonilla, Jose’s brother-in-law, believes that Jose’s return back to civilization and the reason that he did not perish, was nothing short of a miracle.

Surviving an ordeal such as this is tragic indeed, but, Jose was in fair shape. Many people were astonished by the condition that he was in when he was found. Jose was found in good health, regardless of the fact that his clothes were all worn out. All in all, the shape of his body was in suitable condition. There are no other words to describe the outcome of his survival, other than a miracle.